Usually, any game that causes the player to die at an average of 60 deaths per hour would be classified as frustratingly unplayable garbage. However, indie publisher Developer Digital (Hotline Miami) has brought us a title where dying is a game mechanic.

In Minit, you assume the role of a little duck-billed fellow who is unfortunate enough to have picked up a cursed sword. The object is to explore the map and unravel the puzzles as you look to find a way to lift the curse. The catch is you only have 60 seconds before the diabolical curse kills you.

"Minit is a peculiar little adventure played sixty seconds at a time," say the developers. "Journey outside the comfort of your home to help unusual folk, uncover countless secrets, and overcome dangerous foes, all in hopes of lifting a rather unfortunate curse that ends each day after just one minute."

Each time you die, you respawn back at your home at the start of a new day. Some of the tasks you performed before dying will remain completed while others will reset. For example, if you found a key before you expired, you will still have it when you wake up. However, some of the enemies that you had to battle before getting to the key may have respawned and have to be dispatched again. There is a bit of trial and error involved, but each death has you inching closer and closer to your goal.

It is a game of observation in that every enemy, obstacle, and key item is placed very deliberately. You will have to be methodical and efficient in your exploration. It can be easy to miss something if you do not search carefully.

The game is relatively short and can be completed in just a couple of hours. However, there are side quests scattered about that can extend playtime if you're willing to pursue them. There is also a Game+ mode that opens after your first completion.

The minimalistic black and white graphics have a retro feel --- I'm talking original Game Boy retro --- but this does not count against the game. On the contrary, it gives it more character than even some AAA titles with all their fancy visuals. The simple graphics also mean that the title will be less taxing and will run smoothly on any system.

Indeed, Minit is available on every platform (except Switch) for $10. You can pick it up for PC, Mac, or Linux from the Steam Store. Likewise, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users can grab it from their respective stores.