Tinder is testing a new feature that will hopefully result in more right swipes for users. It’s called Loops and as the name suggests, it is a simple looping video – more of a GIF, really – designed to help better highlight your unique personality.

Tinder Loops are two-second looping video snippets (apparently still photography is “so last November”). Tinder says they can be flirty or fun but above all else, they should “be you.”

Two seconds isn’t very long, especially for those lacking in the creativity department. If that sounds like you, Tinder has some suggestions to help steer you in the right direction.

If you love roller skating let’s see you killing it in the rink—forward and back, forward and back. Pro tip: increase your video speed and you just went from slow skate to roller disco. (Right on.) If you love shooting hoops let’s see you slam-dunk it over and over again. Pro tip: start your Loop mid-air and your feet will never touch the ground. (You da real MVP.) And if you love cliff jumping let’s see you making that splash—one foot in, one foot out—like you can walk on water. (Talk about swipe right material.)

Loops probably aren’t a bad thing. Video often shows people for who they really are versus a still photo that can be easily doctored or otherwise manipulated to hide features that could come as a surprise on a first date. At just two seconds in length, however, they shouldn’t be terribly intimidating for those that may be shy in front of the camera.

Tinder Loops are currently in testing on iOS devices in Canada and Sweden. Tinder is also testing the ability to add up to nine photos or Loops to your profile instead of six.