If you thought the battle royale genre was finished growing, LawBreakers developer Boss Key Productions just proved you wrong. The studio has announced their own entry into the genre, dubbed "Radical Heights."

Company co-founder Cliff Bleszinski unveiled the title in a tweet:

From the gameplay and screenshots Boss Key has provided so far, Radical Heights appears to be a standard shoot-'em-up battle royale title with a third-person perspective. However, the game is looking to stand out through its clearly 80's-inspired aesthetic. Radical Heights is filled to the brim with exaggerated, vibrant color schemes and retro-inspired outfits.

Visual identity aside, Radical Heights' reveal trailer shows off pristine hillsides, suburban neighborhoods, campsites and golf courses, hinting at the possibility of an open-world arena for players to duke it out in.

Vehicles also seem to be in, as the trailer shows two players riding what appears to be a BMX bike. Furthermore, numerous golf carts and ordinary cars can be seen dotted around the game's landscape, though it's possible they're just set dressing.

As intriguing as Radical Heights' aesthetic looks, it may need some work to meet the level of quality players have come to expect from the battle royale genre. The game's animations appear to be quite stiff and robotic while muddy textures and awkward lighting effects can be seen throughout the trailer.

That said, given the fact that Radical Heights will be a Steam Early Access title, it's likely Boss Key will iron out some of these rough edges over time.

Regardless, you won't have to wait long to try the game out for yourself - Radical Heights is launching tomorrow, April 10.