Philo isn't a name that a lot of people may have heard of. The low cost streaming service was initially aimed at college students but is now branching out into the broader consumer realm. CNET reports that Philo will release apps for both the Amazon Fire TV and the Apple TV.

Started in November, Philo provides a much cheaper alternative to other streaming cable offerings by cutting out all sports-related content. Customers can stream 37 channels starting at $16/month. The downside is that along with sports channels, news networks and local channels are also omitted.

However, Philo is still able to stream content from smaller channels like AMC, Discovery, Comedy Central, TLC, and The Food Network. Philo also leverages TV Anywhere authentication to unlock content on other streaming apps. For example, subscribers can use their Philo login credentials to access locked content in the Nickelodeon app. This works with all Philo channels except for OWN.

Like most other streaming cable services, Philo subscribers can record live TV and DVR future recordings for future consumption. Those recorded shows last up to 30 days. Parents will be happy to know that Philo allows up to three simultaneous streams in HD.

For comparison, DirecTV Now starts at $35/month, PlayStation Vue starts at $40/month, and Sling TV starts at $20/month. The big value add for those streaming services is that users have the option of adding sports channels for an additional fee. However, those not needing sports or don't care for local channels may find Philo to be a compelling choice.

Philo CEO Andrew McCollum stated that the apps for Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV will arive this summer. An Android app is also coming in the future. For now, Philo subscribers can watch content on iPhone, Macs, Roku devices, and smart TVs.