A few months back Lenovo released the Star Wars: Jedi Challenges AR headset. It is an AR headset that leverages Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore to deliver a Star Wars AR experience at the low, low price of $150 (to be fair, it does also come with a cool lightsaber motion controller).

It simultaneously launched with Jedi Challenges on Apple’s and Google’s respective store. The app provided three AR games — a lightsaber duel with a holographic Darth Vader, a ground war strategy game, and Dejarik — the holographic chess-like game seen in the first Star Wars (Episode IV) film.

Thanks to the latest update for the Jedi Challenges app, you can now play Dejarik without the expensive headset.

According to Gizmodo, the holochess game has “18 levels offering 2-3 hours of gameplay. From the looks of things everything is exactly the same as it is if you wear the headset, the only real difference is that you don't need to do that.”

The app has always been free to download because, let’s face it, who would pay for an app that only works with a $200 (launch price) headset? So, even though the lightsaber and war games still require the Mirage, you can’t beat free holochess.

Oddly, the update is only for iOS. The Android version still requires the headset for all the games. Gizmodo thinks that Lenovo is probably working on an update for ARCore, but that is pure speculation.

So if you've ever wondered what it was like to play that holochess game from Star Wars, now's your chance to find out. But remember: if you find yourself playing a match of Dejarik with a Wookiee and you value your arms — “let the Wookiee win.”