Activision is telling Call of Duty: WWII players to “Play smarter, not harder,” with a new Alexa skill.

Now players can ask Alexa about their stats in CoD: WWII. The skill, which is currently available in beta, can also provide tips on how to improve your game.

According to the press release, the new feature uses “AI and machine learning to analyze how you play and [provide] tips on how to improve your gameplay based on your individual strengths, weaknesses and play style.”

The tips are generated from a complex set of algorithms that look at 20 key factors. Some of the stats that Alexa takes into consideration include accuracy, movement, engagement distance, K/D, shots, score per minute, and time played. It will also consider “relationships to other players to make personalized recommendations for each player.”

The skill can then make suggestions on how to improve in any given area. Tips can include what loadouts you should use on which maps and with which players; what perks and divisions you should choose for a given scenario or against a specific player; and more.

Logging every bullet of every match, Call of Duty [Alexa] delivers up-to-the-minute access for key measurable stats.

“The Skill employs natural language generation to create personalized responses to 2,500 questions about the game and an individual’s performance. Using a soldier-like voice, the Skill can deliver 250,000 distinct responses that incorporate real-time statistics, status, and recommendations from the game.”

The Call of Duty Alexa Skill was developed in-house by Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software. The goal was to create something that would help players become more engaged with CoD’s multiplayer mode.

“We know that people play more Call of Duty as their skills improve and the more often they play with their friends,” said Activision’s Chief Marketing Officer Tim Ellis. “The Call of Duty Alexa Skill is designed to help players improve their Call of Duty skills, connect more easily with their friends and get to the fun faster in Call of Duty: WWII.”

In addition to coaching players, the skill can provide a summary of your matches and let you know if you have friends who are currently playing. Now you don’t have to fire up the game to see who is online, just ask Alexa.

It is cool that you can ask for tips, even in the middle of a match, and it will respond according to how you are currently playing. However, I am skeptical about whether Alexa can really improve a player’s skills.

I suppose at the very least you can listen to what Alexa has to say and try its tips. Then just keep the strategies that work and forget those that don’t. Plus the other features of the skill are useful even if its advice is not.

I’m very interested to hear a hands-on review of this feature. Activision has a webpage set up to enable the skill on your Alexa. If any of you TechSpotter’s have Call of Duty: WWII and an Alexa-enabled device, try this skill out and let us know what you think in the comments.