Puerto Rico residents haven't had it easy lately. Back in September, Hurricane Maria tore across the island, knocking out power island-wide and leaving dozens dead or wounded.

While the US government and companies like Tesla have successfully stepped in to help Puerto Rico get its electrical grid back up and running, 10 percent of the island's citizens were still without power as of February 2018.

Unfortunately, bad luck has struck Puerto Rico again. According to an Associated Press report, the territory is suffering yet another island-wide blackout. This time, the outage was reportedly caused by an excavator "accidentally [downing]" a transmission line.

It's certainly troubling that damage to a single power line can cause an island-wide blackout but there's good news this time around - Puerto Rico officials say it will only take "24 to 36" hours to restore power to the majority of affected citizens.

For now, Puerto Rico's government is prioritizing the restoration of power to critical locations like hospitals, emergency service buildings, airports and water pumping systems. This is a smart move, given the fact that many of these locations are currently relying on backup generators to function.