Sprint will soon be rolling out a new unlimited mobile plan aimed at seniors, according to an Android Police report. The outlet claims the plan, dubbed 'Unlimited 55+,' will specifically target customers 55 or older.

Sprint plans to accomplish this by dropping the price of two unlimited phone lines to a mere $70 total for plan users. That's roughly $30 in savings compared to the normal $100 monthly fee Sprint charges ordinary customers for a dual-line unlimited plan.

As AP notes, Sprint wouldn't be the first mobile carrier to offer a senior-focused plan. T-Mobile recently unveiled their own similar plan with identical pricing and an identical name.

The key difference between the two services lies in their data roaming options. T-Mobile offers unlimited data at 128kbps while roaming whereas Sprint caps users at 100MB with a 50kbps speed ceiling.

Other than that, however, Sprint's Unlimited 55+ plan offers pretty what you'd expect from any other unlimited plan. Users will have access to unlimited talk, data and text as well as unlimited mobile hotspot usage. Naturally, customers who take advantage of the plan will be subject to throttling should Sprint's network become congested.

As nice as this plan might sound for seniors, this information is unofficial for the time being; AP merely claims a source "familiar with the matter" leaked the information. However, you won't have to wait long to find out if the leak is accurate -- the source says Sprint will formally announce the plan on May 18.