Microsoft's 2018 Build Developer conference kicked off today and the company has already unveiled several interesting projects.

One of these projects is an entirely new feature for Windows 10 dubbed "Your Phone."

Your Phone is an app that will let users create a TeamViewer-like link between their smartphone and their Windows 10-powered desktop or laptop PC. As you might expect, you'll then be able to access most aspects of your phone through said PC, including photo viewing, notification browsing and text messaging.

The biggest draw of such a system, from Microsoft's viewpoint, is the boost to productivity it could offer. Rather than needing to constantly pick up your phone to check your notifications and alerts, Your Phone could theoretically keep you more focused on the task at hand.

Productivity isn't the only benefit of the Your Phone feature. According to Microsoft's demo, Your Phone can also link web pages directly between the two, allowing you to simply pick up your browsing session where you left off if you were using your phone on the train ride home from work.

As The Verge notes, the feature's functionality will vary depending on what OS your mobile device is running. For example, Your Phone will be able to mirror your entire Android device's interface, but iOS functionality may be more limited.

If you're eager to test the Your Phone app out for yourself, it's rolling out to Windows Insiders sometime this week.

It's unclear when the feature will see a full release but it's likely it will launch with the upcoming "Redstone 5" Windows 10 update.