The best gaming accessories are those that solve a real problem or improve upon the original product in a meaningful way. Nintendo's recently announced adjustable charging stand for the Nintendo Switch does both.

First, it addresses the issue of the Switch's stock kickstand which is notoriously flimsy and non-adjustable when playing in Tabletop mode. The new base looks far sturdier and as its name suggests, it's adjustable to help create a better viewing angle for different environments.

The new stand also doubles as a charging dock. As you may know, the Switch's charging port is on the bottom of the handheld which makes it quite difficult to charge in Tabletop mode. Nintendo's new accessory relocates the charging port to the side, allowing you to easily plug in the charging cable while playing.

Third-party solutions do exist to help rectify the issue like the PlayStand for Nintendo Switch from Hori and the HiRise 2 from Twelve South. Others, however, like those that offer true docking capabilities should probably be avoided as some have been known to brick the Switch.

Nintendo's dock notably doesn't feature an HDMI port so it's not a full replacement for the TV dock but at $19.99, it seems like a solid value for what it offers.

Look for the adjustable charging stand for Nintendo Switch to launch on July 13.