EA is expected to reveal details about its next Battlefield game on May 23, Internet sleuths have discovered. Here's how it all unfolded.

Battlefield 1's first paid expansion, dubbed They Shall Not Pass, arrived in March 2017. Gamers immediately noticed a locked door in the basement of the Fort Vaux map but haven't been able to devise a way to get inside... until recently.

As EuroGamer points out, a recent patch added a hidden button system that allows you to open the door. Spell out the word "isolement" (which is apparently French for "isolation") by pressing the hidden buttons in the right order and voila, you're in.

Initially, it seems a bit anticlimactic as the room is empty save for a half-finished painting of a horse in a cell, a tunnel that has no known function (yet), some scribbled on a wall and some valves that again, don't do anything yet. Not all that interesting, right?

Well, if you listen closely, you can hear a dripping pipe overhead. Its drops aren't random - turns out, it's Morse code which points to a URL: "ea/neverbethesame". Follow the link and you end up on a landing page with the date May 23, 2018, the hashtag #battlefield and the tagline "Never Be the Same."

What's funny here is that technically, the date was literally leaked.

Rumor has it that the next entry in the Battlefield franchise will be called Battlefield V and be set during World War II.