Best Buy's Gamers Club Unlocked membership program appears to be on the way out the door. The electronics retailer in a leaked internal memo announced it would no longer be accepting new members into the program and sure enough, the landing page for the service no longer offers a way for interested parties to sign up.

Best Buy revamped its two-year loyalty program in March 2015 by slashing 70 percent off the cost of admission. Membership benefits include 20 percent off the cost of new video games, a 10 percent trade-in credit, 10 percent off pre-owned games, 2X Best Buy points on new games, accessories and trade-ins and more.

Even if you only bought a couple of new games per year, it'd be easy to come out ahead financially. For hardcore gamers, the benefits were undeniable.

Best Buy hasn't issued an official statement on the matter as of writing. Polygon reached out to several retail stores nationally and found that the part number for the membership service had been deactivated meaning new subscribers can't be added and existing memberships cannot be renewed. Store operators told the site that existing memberships will be honored until they expire.

Store associates Polygon spoke to were unsure if the program was being canned outright or if Best Buy was planning to rebrand it. Perhaps a reboot to better align with Best Buy's new image is in order?