Spotify earlier this month announced a controversial new policy regarding hate content and hateful conduct. In a nutshell, the streaming music platform reserved the right to remove offensive content from its platform at its digression or at the very least, refrain from promoting content from artists and creators that have demonstrated hateful conduct in their personal lives.

The backlash from the intentionally vague policy was apparently a bit more than Spotify bargained for.

Sources with knowledge of the matter tell Bloomberg that Spotify has told artists, managers and record label executives that it will once again add songs from XXXTentacion to its promoted playlists. The rapper, who was once charged with battering a pregnant woman, was reportedly one of the first artists affected by Spotify's new policy.

R. Kelly was also singled out by Spotify earlier this month.

Bloomberg reports that changes to the recent policy are still being hammered out and that there are currently no plans to begin promoting R. Kelly's music again.

According to the report, representatives for several artists including Kendrick Lamar reached out to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and Troy Carter, head of artist relations, to express their frustration with the policy. Some even reportedly threatened to remove their work from the platform if the matter wasn't rectified.

Sources say Carter planned to depart Spotify over the ordeal but has since agreed to stay after Ek assured him that changes would be made.

R. Kelly image via Getty Images