Bottom line: Fortnite is arguably one of the hottest games on the planet right now. It would only make sense for Epic Games to capitalize on its popularity by bringing it to as many platforms as possible including the Switch and Android.

Fortnite, Epic's mega popular sandbox survival game, could soon be headed to the Nintendo Switch if recent intelligence proves legitimate.

Exhibit "A" appeared on 4chan yesterday afternoon in the form of a photo of an alleged E3 showroom display. The marketing material prominently displays the Nintendo Switch logo beside the Fortnite name alongside several other previously announced titles (and a few that haven't yet been announced, like Killer Queen Black and Overcooked 2).

Kotaku seems to believe the leak is legitimate. A source familiar with Epic's plans told the publication earlier this week that Fortnite was indeed heading to the Switch. Another person familiar with upcoming Switch games also confirmed Dragon Ball FighterZ is being planned for the system (this game also appears on the leaked marketing material).

Fortnite has also recently shown up on the Korean game ratings board for the Switch. The listing doesn't give much away but does serve as additional evidence that a Switch variant is likely on the way.

Worth noting is that both leaks simply reference "Fortnite" rather than "Fortnite Battle Royale." This could suggest that only the single-player campaign is headed to the Switch although considering how popular the free-to-play Battle Royale mode is, this seems like an obvious misstep that Epic is too smart to make.

E3 2018 gets under way on June 12. Assuming the marketing material above is legitimate, we should hear something official from Epic / Nintendo in the coming weeks.