The big picture: Crafting a sequel to a game as beloved as The Last of Us is no easy task but judging from what we've seen so far, it looks as though Naughty Dog is certainly on the right path. The original really pushed the narrative and technical limits in the final days of the PlayStation 3 and with any luck, the sequel will do the same as the PlayStation 4 prepares to pass the torch.

Naughty Dog during Sony's PlayStation Experience event in late 2016 announced the follow-up to action-adventure survival horror game The Last of Us. The title was again teased at the Paris Games Week trade show last year and at E3 2018, we're getting another - more intimate - look at the promising sequel.

The nearly 12-minute spot opens unassumingly enough with Ellie nonchalantly chatting it up with a friend. Moments later, she's led to the dance floor by a female friend - Nina. The two share a warm embrace and it's clear that they're more than friends. They engage in a tender kiss which transitions to a scene of Ellie plunging a knife into a guy's throat. Talk about a jarring segue.

The next several minutes demonstrate the game's various stealth and combat elements, all the while showing off dazzling visuals in a lusciously overgrown yet haunting environment.

The action sequence ends with a machete to the throat as the visual fades back to the dance with Ellie's love interest.

Neither Sony nor Naughty Dog provided a release date for The Last of Us Part II.