What just happened? Overwatch's development team has been known to release the occasional ridiculous hero – we already have intelligent, peanut butter-obsessed gorillas, after all – but today, they're taking the goofiness to a whole new level. The Overwatch Twitter account unveiled the game's 28th hero, Hammond: an oversized hamster in a giant, ball-shaped mech.

If you thought Overwatch's canceled Jetpack Cat hero concept was ridiculous (a sentiment Blizzard agreed with some time ago) you might have an even harder time swallowing the game's latest hero reveal.

Today, the official Overwatch twitter account unveiled the game's 28th champion, and it's a... Hamster?

Though there's still a slim possibility that Blizzard is merely joking with their latest hero reveal, it's unlikely. The developer dropped several hints regarding the newest hero's identity in one of the game's most recent maps, Horizon Lunar Colony. Small, hamster-like footprints could be seen on the map, as well as a small cage, about the right size for an overgrown hamster.

The furry hero's name is likely Hammond, as that is the only other being marked as "missing" in Lucheng Interstellar's (the organization responsible for creating intelligent creatures like Winston) databases.

It's not entirely clear what Hammond's in-game playstyle will be, but it seems likely that he'll be either a tank or DPS-focused hero, due to the giant, ball-shaped mech he rides around in. It's also not clear whether or not he will ever leave his mech, as D.va does when hers takes too much damage.

The Overwatch community's response to Hammond's reveal has mostly been positive, but a few players are confused by Blizzard's sudden change of heart regarding "ridiculous" heroes.

At any rate, if Hammond's release follows the trend of most other new Overwatch heroes, he should be available for testing in the game's Public Test Realm beta soon.