In context: The aerial spectacle, which happened just days before those in the US will turn their attention to the sky for Independence Day fireworks displays, is an excellent representation of Epic's ability to foster a "living" game that stays fresh through constant evolution (it's also pretty darn funny).

Epic Games’ first one-off Fortnite event took place over the weekend, a rocket launch that many believe is setting the stage for what’s to come when Season 5 arrives on July 12.

The event, which occurred across all versions of the game on all platforms simultaneously, was a hit as many gamers said they’ve never witnessed an in-game event quite like that. Some players initiated a temporary truce in order to collectively take in the launch, going so far as to build giant ramps that stretched high into the sky for a bird’s eye view of blast-off.

It was a thing of beauty as dozens of strangers sat perched on the ledge, high above the ground, to soak in the moment. What happened next was, well, predictable.

While others stood shoulder-to-shoulder on the edge of the ramp, Fortnite player Elemental_Ray set about destroying the stairway to heaven. It came tumbling down, as did the 48 players who plummeted to their death. With the move, Elemental_Ray now holds the record for most kills in a singles match. The previous record was 33.