Beyond the ordinary: If solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries without cliché jump scares and excessive gore sound like your cup of tea, you may be interested in what Red Candle Games is brewing.

The Taiwanese game developer, best known for survival horror game Detention, is teasing a new first-person atmospheric horror title set in 1980s Taiwan.

The story revolves around a seemingly ordinary family of three that once lived in an old apartment building. Players will be tasked with exploring the family's residence where religion played a significant role in their daily lives. Once filled with joy and love, it's since become a "haunted and confined space" where each puzzle will lead you closer to the mysteries nested deep within.

The game's teaser trailer isn't all that revealing but the developer says we can expect an immersive playing experience, a realistic art style that reconstructs 1980s Taiwanese lifestyle and atmospheric sound design inspired by local folk culture.

Whereas Detention was a 2D side-scroller with a point-and-click mechanism, Devotion will offer a first-person, 3D-based experience. No word yet on a potential release date or supported platforms.

PS - Detention is currently half off as part of Valve's annual Steam Summer sale. Grab it through July 5 for just $5.99.