What just happened? Nightdive Studios, the developer working on the System Shock remaster, released the original game's source code in April, setting the stage for what is now being called the game's first fully fan-made single-player campaign.

System Shock: ReWired features three new levels with branching paths and four new cyberspace sections as well as fresh puzzles and new audio logs (currently text-only). The mod's creator says it is playable with all existing versions of System Shock although the Enhanced Edition is recommended.

The System Shock remaster, meanwhile, is still in limbo. After raising more than $1.35 million for the project on Kickstarter in the summer of 2016, Nightdive conceded in February that development had gone off the rails. CEO Stephen Kick vowed the game would eventually be completed and judging from the latest Kickstarter update, development is indeed progressing, although a timetable for its eventual release still isn't known.

Kick said in an April update that the game could slip past 2019 and that their only plan was to finish the game and deliver on the promise made to Kickstarter backers.

Those interested in giving System Shock: ReWired a try can grab the download over on Mod DB. You'll need to jump through a few minor hoops to get everything installed properly but that's mostly just a matter of copying and pasting a few game files (don't forget to make back-ups first).

If you don't already have System Shock, you can pick up the Enhanced Edition for just $1.49 for a limited time over on GOG.