Something to look forward to: Digital Extremes announced over the weekend that it would be bringing its free-to-play shooter Warframe to the Nintendo Switch. Panic Button, the developer behind the Doom and Wolfenstein ports is helping to convert the game to the hybrid so we can expect them to employ similar techniques to the ones that helped them retain some degree of the graphical fidelity on those two titles.

Originally released in 2013, Warframe is in a way a spiritual predecessor to Destiny (2014) as far as gameplay is concerned. Up to four players team up to do battle in mechanical suits called "Warframes." Players fight against computer-controlled factions in PvE battles across the solar system.

Console and PC versions have the option of player-versus-player matches, but it is unclear if the Switch version will feature a PvP mode since it is a bit more processor intensive. Digital Extremes and Panic Button have been quiet regarding the details of the port, but we can at least expect it to resemble the console variants to a fair degree.

With a built-in audience of 30 million players (as of October 2017), the game should not have any trouble moving units at the cost of $0. However, players may be disappointed to find that they will not be able to take their existing Frames on the go.

Crossplay will not be supported on the Switch version of the game, but this is probably for the best considering the fracas caused by the Switch/PS4 Fortnite fiasco. Even still, starting from scratch to play for free on the portable device is still pretty appealing.

The developers are planning to support the game as aggressively as they do the console and PC versions with frequent updates and seasonal overhauls. However, they do not yet have a launch window slated, so we'll just have to wait until they get closer to completion.