What just happened? Back in January, Nintendo unveiled its Labo kits---playsets consisting of cardboard sheets that can be used with Switch consoles to create items such as robots, pianos, and fishing rods. The company announced a Creators Contest last month that asked platform users to produce games and musical instruments. Now, the winners have been announced.

In the 'Best Decorated Toy-Con' category, the Legend of Music was one of three winners. The Labo piano is covered in Legend of Zelda-inspired decorations, including a Master Sword and Koroks. There's also an IR sticker that allows an action to take place when the sword is pulled out.

The 'Best Original Invention Using Toy-Con Garage' category was won by three impressive creations; one of the best being Momoka Kinder's solar-powered accordion. Built using objects such as tissue boxes and rubber bands, the device plays notes when it detects sunlight is being blocked from traveling through the holes. Volume is altered by tilting the accordion, while buttons on the Switch screen control the octave.

Other winners included a Tea Time game where players have to 'fill' and 'pour' using cardboard teapots to serve virtual customers. There was also an analog clock with an alarm and a remote-controlled dinosaur. Make sure to check out the full list here.

Each winner receives a Nintendo Labo jacket and a framed award certificate signed by the Nintendo Labo developers. But the biggest prize is one of Nintendo's Labo-themed Switch consoles. To give you an idea of how rare they are, the machines have been created only as part of the competition and will never be sold officially.