WTF?! Apple released the latest version of iOS over the weekend, but I forgot to install it. I was in the middle of doing something on my phone when I got the notification, so I put it off intending to download it later. I only just remembered it today, but it looks like I should forget about it for a bit longer.

Twitter has been flooded with tweets from users who are no longer able to update apps from the App Store after installing iOS 11.4.1. When trying to update applications, some users are getting error messages along the lines of "Unable to install [app name here]. This app was not installed from the App Store and must be reinstalled manually." The error popup then gives users the choice to keep or delete the app.

Other users are reporting that their apps are crashing or are stuck in a continual load loop.

It is apparent that something went utterly haywire concerning either the App Store or the updating processes within iOS 11.4.1. According to the release notes the two primary fixes in the update were one that rectified an issue with iOS not revealing the last known location of AirPods and an improvement for syncing mail, contacts, and notes from Exchange accounts.

There was also a slew of security fixes that could be involved with the problem. The update contained a couple of kernel tweaks, two libxpc patches, and numerous WebKit fixes.

One patch that stood out for me was a security update listed under "WiFi." The fix was to prevent a malicious application from being able to "break out of its sandbox."

"A memory corruption issue was addressed with improved memory handling," said the update's description.

Whether or not the WiFi patch is the issue causing the problems remains to be seen, but it seems clear that something in iOS 11.4.1 is giving people fits. It might be best to postpone updating your iPhone until Apple handles the problem. However, if you do not need to update any apps or can hold off until later to update them, you might not experience any issues.

TechSpot has reached out to Apple for comment but has not heard back by post. We will keep you updated on the situation.

Lead Image via GottaBeMobile