Highly anticipated: A marketing post allegedly made by Google on Famebit shows that the Pixel 3 will be launching on October 4. Other hardware such as a new smartwatch and potentially new wireless earbuds may also be revealed at the Made by Google annual event.

For the past two iterations of Google's Pixel phones, the unveiling has happened on October 4. This year, it appears that the tradition will remain the same as shown by a leaked advertisement posted by Google on Famebit.

YouTube creators and marketing agencies use Famebit as a middle ground to coordinate sponsored content. Brandon Lee of AndroidPolice and YouTube channel This is Tech Today identified a posting on Famebit requesting promotion for the Pixel 3. In the ad description, there is a call for Canadian creators to share their story of switching over to Pixel 3.

Should this marketing post turn out to be true, it also gives us some information on how Google intends to market the Pixel 3. Google may be spending a hefty portion of its marketing budget attempting to convert more iPhone and Galaxy users over to the Pixel.

Even though the supposed launch date is now less than two months away, Google has not historically shipped the Pixel to regular consumers until about two weeks after the unveiling at a "Made by Google" event.

Given that the past two Pixel phones have both been launched on October 4 and the fact that the posting was allegedly put up by Google, it seems extremely likely that there is some truth behind it. Since the post was taken down, its origin cannot be independently verified. Of course, this is not an official announcement and is still subject to change.

It is now only a matter of time to find out when the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will debut. In addition to the new Pixel phones, a smartwatch and possibly new wireless Pixel Buds are also expected to be unveiled.