Forward-looking: If TrendForce's data proves accurate, it looks as if the Home button is going away and the notch is here to stay. It'll be a harsh reality for notch haters who may have to turn to year-old iPhones to stave off the change.

Apple is expected to launch three new iPhones later this year. All three will feature Face ID in lieu of a Home button and two of them will offer AMOLED screens according to the latest report from market intelligence provider TrendForce.

The firm anticipates a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone as well as 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch models sporting AMOLED displays. Furthermore, the two higher-end models could be available with up to 512GB of local storage, matching what's available on the Galaxy Note 9. TrendForce believes Apple Pencil support may come baked in as well although it's unclear if this feature would be exclusive to the OLED models or supported across all three new iPhones.

As for pricing, TrendForce believes the LCD iPhone will carry a starting price of around $699 to $749 followed by the 5.8-inch OLED model at $899 to $949. The starting price of the large-screen 6.5-inch OLED version will likely be the same as that of the iPhone X at $999, the firm predicts.

Additionally, TrendForce expects the LCD model to account for 50 percent of new iPhone production. Assembly of the LCD model is scheduled to begin in mid-September, we're told, with the two premium models having entered production in late July.

Apple is expected to unveil its latest iPhones in mid-September.

Lead image via Josh Miller, CNET