Drones come in all shapes and sizes, offering entertainment across a wide span of age groups. Air Hogs who is known for its remote-controlled vehicles and airplanes has come up with the innovative Supernova quadcopter that is controlled using only your hands. On-board laser sensors and a reactive LED core allow you to perform aerial tricks by waving your hands around the orb.

Launching the Air Hogs Supernova is as simple as gently tossing it up into the air. Once you have become comfortable controlling the basic movements of it with your hands, you can start performing increasingly complicated stunts by putting the Supernova into trick mode.

There are over 30 different moves that the Supernova can perform with ease and 9 super tricks that are impressive for an affordable drone. All tricks can be performed by entering a combination of hand gestures along the right and left sides of the drone as well as holding your palm underneath the bottom sensor.

Entry level stunts consist of a variety of spin moves. More complex and flashy tricks include the boomerang, orbiter, dance disco, walk the dog, and playing dead. After unboxing the Supernova, it only took a few battery charges to successfully master all of the tricks. Thankfully, recharging does not take very long and is easily done through an included micro-USB cable.

Out of the tricks the Supernova is capable of, walking the dog, boomerang, and playing dead are my three favorites. It’s one thing to be able to do tricks with a yo-yo, but showmanship can be taken to a whole new level with a futuristic flying orb. Bright LEDs and performing tricks are sure to attract attention.

When playing with the Supernova, it is important to remember that tricks should only be done indoors and out of reach of loose clothing or loose, long hair. Air Hogs recommends the Supernova for kids ages eight and up but has added a protective cage that makes it safe for pilots of all ages. The springy plastic cage helps prevent the propellers from running into anything that they shouldn’t, but reasonable care should still be taken to keep fingers, hair, and any loose articles away from the propellers.

The Supernova takes away the difficultly of learning to pilot a drone remotely while providing fun. If you are the type of person that is genuinely bad at video games and cannot control RC toys to save your soul, the Supernova is still well within your abilities. While the Supernova offers challenges to learn moves and tricks, the out of the box experience is user friendly and remains exciting after extended use.

The Supernova is just $39.99 and provides excellent value for the hours of entertainment that it provides.

This is a sponsored post brought to you in collaboration with Air Hogs.