What just happened? Only weeks after porting Into the Breach to macOS, independent studio Subset Games has made the strategy RPG available for Nintendo Switch owners. This is one of those titles that just seems like a perfect fit for the small screen. Maybe if it does well the devs will consider porting FTL.

Subset Games, makers of indy smash hit FTL: Faster Than Light, announced today that it will be porting its popular follow-up title "Into the Breach" to the Nintendo Switch as early as — well, today. That’s right. This morning devs tweeted that the game would be hitting the handheld hybrid at 10am PST, meaning that it is already available in the Nintendo eShop.

Into the Breach is a mech strategy game we reported on back in February just a couple of weeks before it was released. The gameplay unfolds on an 8x8 grid and has the player controlling mechs to defeat bug-like enemies before they destroy all the buildings which supply the mechs with power.

The storyline is more convoluted than the gameplay because of a time-traveling element. You see, when you die, you don’t actually die, instead you send a distress call back to the future which then sends you back to the past to save the planet in a different timeline. "So you will not really be starting over, except you are, but you aren't." Confused? Yeah, I was too, but it didn’t detract from the fun of the game.

The game released to rave reviews and received a meta score of 92 and a user score of 8.9. While I enjoyed the game once they released a Mac version, it is not a title I feel I need to purchase again for my Switch even though it’s only $15.

Now, FTL — that I would buy again to play mobile. Alas, there are no plans at this point to port FTL to Switch, but there is still hope.

When asked on the Subset forum whether the studio had any plans to make a Switch version of FTL, Community/QA manager Isla Schanuel stated, “We are not planning one at this point in time, but that's not to say it's a 'nope, definitely not going to do it' either.”