Hone your Google Cloud skills with the Google Cloud Mastery Bundle. With more and more companies heading to the cloud, the possibilities of cloud computing are endless.

The Google Cloud Mastery Bundle includes four courses on some very useful capabilities of the Cloud. You'll learn firsthand how TensorFlow can use Deep Learning to automatically translate phrases in foreign language. This course will teach you how to design and build your very own learning models. Next, you'll get up-to-speed with Kubernotes and Chatbots. The technology behind Chatbots allows robots to simulate human conversations with users. TechSpot readers can get lifetime access to this bundle for 90% off, only for a limited time.

Of all the platforms out there for cloud computing, the Google Cloud Platform is one of the top performing applications for machine learning. Your foray into cloud computing and data engineering starts with the Google Cloud Mastery Bundle. At 90% off, it's yours for just $39.

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