Conscious consumption: Ross Howe (CEO), Kevin Malinowski (brand marketing), and Jon Bradley (creative director) have launched a new startup called Nimble. The former Mophie executives are producing a new line of eco-friendly recyclable chargers. Their first products launched today.

Some executives from mobile accessory maker Mophie have splintered off to form their own company called Nimble. The startup makes eco-friendly charging devices from biodegradable and recyclable materials. All Nimble accessories are made from plant-based plastics, hemp fabrics, recycled plastic bottles, and recycled aluminum. The company also recycles E-waste.

"Nimble will responsibly recycle one pound of waste for every one product sold," said co-founder Kevin Malinowski, former senior marketing communications manager at Mophie.

The company plans to be "digital-only" meaning they will sell directly to the consumer or online outlets rather than selling through brick-and-mortar retail stores. The reason for this is two-fold. The first is by cutting out retail overhead, Nimble can offer its products at a much lower cost to the consumer. The second is that most of the packaging that retailers demand is non-recyclable.

"It's between 60 and 80 percent out of every dollar spent actually goes to supporting the retail supply chain," said co-founder and CEO Ross Howe. "Retailers often demand very extravagant packaging with soft-touch, UV foil stamp, PET --- all of these things make packaging non-recyclable and they mean your product costs eight to 10 dollars more for a piece of cardboard that you're just going to throw in the trash."

All packaging will be made from recycled paper pulp. Howe claims that Nimble's business model will reduce end-product pricing by up to 50 percent. He also said that the company is committed to becoming e-waste neutral by 2022.

At this time the company has less than 10 employees according to its profile on LinkedIn. Despite its small size Nimble is launching with a reasonably decent product line up.

For at-home use, it offers a $40 Qi Wireless Pad that can charge iPhones at 7.5 watts and other devices at up to 10 watts. Variants of this pad include the Nimble Wireless Stand for $50, which allows you to prop up your phone for display and a $60 travel kit that includes a wall charger.

Nimble also has a variety of portable charging solutions in 10K, 13K, 20K, and 26K mAh capacities. All products feature 18-watt USB-C fast-charging ports as well as USB QC 3.0 for triple-quick charging. Prices range from $50 to $100 depending on how many ports and how big a battery you need.

As of today, you can purchase Nimble products through its website. However, it will be offering them through Amazon soon as well.