In brief: Video stores are nearly extinct but as the last Blockbuster store in the US demonstrates, they still offer some benefits that online options like Netflix and Hulu can't replicate.

Visiting the local video store was once a regular ritual for millions of Americans. Racing into the store in hopes of finding that last copy of the latest release (or if you were smart, calling ahead to reserve a copy), flashing your membership card like a badge of honor and grabbing a tub of popcorn at the checkout counter all felt like second nature.

Then the Internet came along and decimated the industry.

How we consume movies and TV shows today is far more efficient than practices of yesteryear but that doesn't necessarily mean it is better. As The Verge recently found out on a visit to the last Blockbuster store in the US, video rental stores still have a couple advantages over Internet-delivered options like Netflix and Hulu.

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