Bottom line: Snap's first couple of Spectacles may have spoken to fashion-conscious buyers but its latest offerings are meant for users who aren't quite as bold in their accessory selection. At $199.99, they're also a bit pricier but you do get polarized lenses this time around.

Snap on Wednesday introduced two new styles of its second-generation Spectacles. Dubbed Nico and Veronica, both models feature black-on-black themes and come with polarized lenses.

What you really need to know, however, is that the new models look much more like traditional sunglasses than earlier iterations. Those not looking to make such a bold fashion statement or have it be so obvious that they’re packing a camera will no doubt find the new models more desirable.

Snap launched its first-gen Spectacles in 2016. The wearable was initially a hot commodity due to artificial scarcity but once they became readily available, sales cooled considerably and Snap was left with lots of excess inventory.

(Veronica on the left, Nico on the right)

Nevertheless, the company pressed forward and released a second-gen product this past April. It carried a $20 premium over the original but offered the ability to capture both photos and videos whereas the first-gen model could only grab the latter.

According to Snap, Spectacles 2 owners are capturing 40 percent more snaps compared to V1 users.

Snap’s two new Spectacles are available as of writing from the company’s website priced at $199.99 (that’s $50 more than the original Spectacles 2). Like before, they are water resistant and come with a charging cable. Instead of a charging case, Nico and Veronica include a more traditional soft pouch case.