In brief: Do you find that your Xbox One controller gets greasy and slimy when playing games while choking down a bucket of fried chicken? Outdated gamer stereotypes aside, Xbox Australia could have the answer to your prayers, thanks to its greaseproof Xbox controller.

The controller has been commissioned to celebrate PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds getting its full 1.0 update on the Xbox One this week, which moved the game from its Xbox Preview state to a full release. It seems Xbox Australia decided to take the "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" theme as far as it can go with a peripheral that boasts a "special coating resistant to grease and oil," which makes it look pretty greasy itself, ironically.

Featuring PUBG's distinctive colors, the controller, which was developed in conjunction with ColorWare, is hand-sprayed with a coating that's described as "urethane." As CNET notes, this refers to polyurethane, which is used in plastics and sealants, not the urethane that's used as an animal aesthetic, thankfully.

Not only will the protective coating stop the controller from becoming gunked up with grease, sauce, or whatever oily substance is covering your hands, but it's also resistant to minor scratches and water---though it's not waterproof, so it's probably best not to take it into the bath with you.

This is a limited edition controller, with only 200 being made available globally. Each one is individually numbered, so even if you don't eat fried chicken while gaming, or you happen to use a napkin, it's likely to have value as a collectors edition. You can try to win one of the five that are up for grabs on the Xbox ANZ Facebook page, with other locations likely to hold similar competitions in the future.