Something to look forward to: We don't know what Rocksteady Studios, the company behind the Batman: Arkham games, is working on right now, but judging by a slew of new job postings from the company, it could soon reveal all. What we do know is that there's reference to a "highly anticipated upcoming AAA title" for "next generation platforms."

As noted by ResetEra, over 20 positions are listed, with almost every one of them mentioning a AAA title, though there's no indication of what it might be. Some of the ads, including those in the art, animation, dialogue and game design departments, are permanent, while others are for two-year contracts. This suggests we might not see the new game until at least 2020, but an early announcement could arrive sooner rather than later.

What's interesting is that some of the ads seek applicants with a "broad knowledge of comics, novels, games, cinema, and popular culture relating to video games." Rocksteady also mentions that the game is being developed alongside Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, meaning another DC property will likely be the game's subject.

Rocksteady Studios hasn't released anything since Batman: Arkham VR in 2016. Kevin Conroy, the voice of Batman, said last year that the Arkham games had been put on hold for now, so could Superman or the entire Justice League be the next superheroes to get the Rocksteady treatment? One of the ads also mentions that the studio wants the game to receive a "90+ Metacritic score."

Back in January, the company posted a picture of its motion-capture studios, along with the line "Calm before the storm...," which brought a popcorn-eating GIF response from Troy Baker, who voiced Robin and Two-Face in Arkham City and the Joker in Arkham Origins.

We'll have to wait and see what "next generation platforms" Rocksteady is referring to. Let's just hope the PC version doesn't suffer from the same launch problems as Arkham Knight.