If you consider yourself a hardcore Destiny 2 player, you've probably become well-acquainted with the game's first raid, Leviathan. In the raid, players have taken on some of the game's toughest enemies in the quest for top-tier loot quest for top-tier loot.

Destiny 2's developers, Bungie, want to make their next raid, "Last Wish" -- arriving on September 14 as part of the game's Forsaken DLC -- even more rewarding, and not just in the realm of digital guns and equipment.

Bungie is offering up real-world trophies to the members of the first six-man fireteam that completes the raid. These prizes will be awarded to each individual player, though it's not clear how they'll be dished out.

Bungie simply says players will have the "opportunity to acquire" the gear, so it's possible they may have to meet some additional criteria to receive their trophies.

We don't know what form these prizes will take at the moment, but from the hint image shown on Bungie's official blog, it seems the company might ship off leather trophy belts, akin to what you'd see a champion wrestler take home.

Destiny is remaining pretty tight-lipped about this competition, but it promises more details "next week." In the meantime, you can purchase Destiny 2's upcoming Forsaken DLC (and get access to the new "Gambit" PvP mode) right now for $40.