Cutting corners: Like many games, Shadow of the Tomb Raider launched with day one updates. As the universe's apology to those with a bad internet connection who didn't want to sit around letting it update, the game shipped with an alternate one-minute post-credits scene. While otherwise roughly the same as the one everyone else saw, it had a cool Easter egg: an unopened letter from Jaqueline Natla.

If you're a young gamer you might not have heard of her, but anyone who's played the classic Tomb Raider games will surely remember the character. She was the main antagonist of the original Tomb Raider from way back in 1996 but she hasn't been heard from in a while. The original cutscene implies that she might be returning to the fray, now that players have gotten tired of the fanatical militia Trinity that have plagued Croft since the 2013 reboot.

The first person to bring the cutscene to light was Tomb Raider forum user Tombstone, who questioned why "nobody had brought up the letter Lara gets [from] Natla yet? Would Natla be the main villain in the next games maybe?"

Other forum users claimed he was trolling and had photoshopped the image he showed of the envelope. Tombstone drew the connection pretty quick and responded that he had the game unpatched but he was totally disregarded by everyone. He spent the whole morning arguing and posted screenshots when requested but was asked for a video recording.

"It's not fake I swear. Why do you guys think it's fake?" Completely exasperated, the poor guy spent eight hours replaying the game to produce a recording, which he posted on Vimeo. That made most people shut up, and Tombstone politely requested they eat some "humble crow pie."

Forum user SoraSakai still wouldn't believe Tombstone until he asked a friend in Japan who confirmed the original ending. Then he ate some humble pie: "I apologize to Tombstone for not believing you, for being so harsh in my not believing you. I genuinely thought this entire thing didn't happen. My language in annoyance over it is also inexcusable."

Shortly after, developer Eidos Montreal came to the rescue in a statement to fans: "During the course of development on Shadow of the Tomb Raider, multiple post-credits scenes were explored. Unfortunately, one of the directions that was considered, but not chosen, was mistakenly included in the game. The Day One patch fixes this error, along with many other improvements. As always, we highly recommend that our players install the patch to enjoy the complete and most up-to-date experience."

How a game can even ship with the wrong ending is beyond me, but the possibility of Natla returning in the next installment has fans drooling.