Crime reality shows have been a thing for quite some time now. Live PD is a reality show that is catching on in the US, but real crime TV shows are not exclusively an American phenomena.

One of Japan's largest television networks, TV Asahi has a show called Rettou Keisatsu Sousamou: The Tsuiseki (Archipelago Police Investigation: The Pursuit). The producers give the program a bit of flair by adding computer generated recreations of the crimes being investigated.

Perhaps I'm missing something in the translation, but from the redering above, I would guess the show to be a comedy rather than a straight-faced crime program. Practicing one's ninjitsu on bicycles is not my idea of a serious crime, but it sure is funny.

This was just the more humorous of several recreations. Kotaku has collected a bunch more if you want to check them out.