If you've been a fan of Creative Assembly's Total War franchise for as long as I have, the Warhammer games probably came as a bit of a surprise. CA's work typically focused on historical accuracy, taking players through time periods like the Middle Ages, the Viking age, and much more.

The Total War: Warhammer games, on the other hand, threw a curveball at long-time series fans. The games were set in fantasy worlds, filled with magic, monsters, and a wide variety of playable races pulled from the original Warhammer tabletop games created by Games Workshop.

For the unaware, the Total War franchise is a PC-exclusive set of strategy games that focus on real-time, army-based tactical battles.

Anyway, CA's latest Warhammer game, Total War: Warhammer 2, is still being supported by the company, and it just got another "campaign pack" DLC announcement, dubbed the "Curse of the Vampire Coast" (CotVC).

In the Warhammer games, paid DLC typically consists of an entirely new faction, complete with its own "legendary lords" (powerful warriors and leaders from Warhammer lore) and unit roster. As usual, these lords and units are being pulled directly from the original Warhammer Fantasy Battles tabletop game - the faction will be led by the vampire dread pirate Luthor Harkon, and he has some pretty unique units under his command.

The CotVC trailer shows us giant crab monsters, zombie buccaneers equipped with massive hand cannons, and what appears to be some sort of magical construct made from old ship parts. Furthermore, the DLC's description says it will come with unique upgradeable ships for each of the faction's legendary lords, and even a new magical spellbook, the "Lore of the Deep."

If you happen to be a Total War: Warhammer 2 player yourself, you can pre-order the CotVC DLC right now via Steam for $17.09, which is 10 percent off its suggested retail price of $18.99. The expansion pack will launch on November 8, in roughly four weeks.