NVIDIA infamous new set of drivers has been made available over at 3D Chipset, the release is marked as version 51.75 Beta.

You will understand how NVIDIA is being heavily criticized after the Half-Life 2 performance fiasco, despite of their response where they attributed the poor performance the unoptimized set of drivers.

Just let's remember this is an unreleased game and this is an unofficial driver release. There is people out there behaving WAY too fanatically, it's true however that the way things are shaping up, it doesn't look too good for NVIDIA... actually we wouldn't care less for them, we do care however for those people who spent big bucks on their high-end cards expecting it to be a good investment.

Speaking of which, Aquamark 3 benchmark program is now available for download. This is one of the few 'true' DX9 performance gauge tools around.