XGI announces distribution agreement with three major Taiwanese distributors. Gives hint on new GPUs: Volari Duo, V8, etc.

Anandtech take a glimpse of ATI and NVIDIA mobile graphics gaming parts, testing DX9 abilities of these two mobile graphic solutions.

Rumor mill: "Sources close to Nvidia suggest that the (Half-Life 2) bidding could have reached as much as $8 million before it withdrew from the auction."

ATI's Radeon 9800XT, Half Life bundle to be launched in Alcatraz; Europeans get Munich.

Motor giant Ford is switching to Linux for its sales systems, human resources, customer relations and infrastructure.

Paying Spammers Not to Spam - Founders of a new antispam service say they have developed a system to convince spammers to remove specific e-mail addresses from their mailing lists.

The Scoop on the New Raptor - Information on WD's upcoming 10,000 RPM serial ATA Raptor drive, 74-gigabyte capacity.

NEC Corp. and Texas Instruments will be among the chip makers announcing silicon for PCI Express at the Intel Developer Forum this week.

Newsweek reports that Apple expects to release iTunes for Windows next month.

* A visit to Dell, understanding the magic @ Hardware Analysis.