Through the looking glass: Half-Life is one of the most iconic franchises in all of gaming and perhaps the one that's most due for a sequel. Unfortunately, Half-Life 3 will probably never be released and maybe that's for the best. Could Valve possibly live up to the game's incredible hype?

Crowbar Collective, the third-party developer and publisher behind the Half-Life remake that hit Steam Early Access in mid-2015, is celebrating the game's 20th anniversary with a new trailer highlighting the final chapters of Xen.

In a Steam community post on Monday, Adam Engels said almost everything in Xen is design locked and functioning as intended. The levels and design are mostly the team's original work, we're told.

Everything you see in the trailer was captured in-game and boy does it look stunning.

Early testing has shown that Xen will add roughly six hours of playtime to the game, and even more for those who like to explore.

The last bit of time between now and launch in the second quarter of 2019 will be used to bring the game up to their art and polish standards. Additional details regarding graphics and NPC changes will be showcased in December, Engels said.

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