What just happened? It's the end of the road for Steam Link, another failed hardware initiative from Valve. The concept will persist in software form via the Steam Link app but if you want a physical streaming box for your PC, you'd better act quick and pluck one from dwindling inventory. Once they're gone, they're gone.

Valve is further distancing itself from the hardware sector. The developer, publisher and digital distributor in a recent community post said the supply of physical Steam Link devices is sold out in Europe and nearly gone in the US.

Although the company didn’t flat out say it was being discontinued, there was no language in the post to suggest it would be restocked once existing inventory is spoken for.

Moving forward, Valve said it will continue to support existing Steam Link hardware and distribute software versions of Steam Link which are available for many smartphones, tablets and televisions (but not iOS).

Announced in mid-2015, Steam Link made it possible to stream games or other content from your PC or Steam Machine to a television in your house via network connectivity. Such functionality could be incredibly convenient if your gaming PC isn’t near the living room or bedroom but you wanted to play on the big screen.

Valve earlier this year took a step back from its failed Steam Machines initiative, purging the systems from its storefront. The console-style PCs were meant to facilitate gaming in the living room but the concept never really took off, largely due to excessively high pricing.