Amazon is rapidly expanding its share of the brick-and-mortar retail industry through the launch of its physical Go and 4-star stores across the US, but the company isn't content with its current piece of the pie.

The Wall Street Journal today reported that Amazon is asking select physical retailers to begin supporting its "Amazon Pay" payment technology. Much like Apple Pay and Google Pay, Amazon's payment system would be completely wireless, though further details are scarce.

If Amazon Pay's physical integration functions anything like some of its alternatives, users will most likely have to scan their phones at checkout to purchase their items; perhaps by using a QR code. Amazon undoubtedly hopes to bring its technology to bigger retailers in the future, but for now, the tech giant is reportedly focusing on gas stations and restaurants.

As The Verge points out, this limited scope is most likely because Amazon wants to avoid directly supporting some of its more obvious competitors, such as Walmart and Best Buy Both of the latter companies have begun to focus more on online sales, which has likely chipped away at Amazon's commanding lead in digital retail.