The Tech Report gang recently visited S3 offices to get a preview of the DeltaChrome, S3's new DirectX 9-class graphics chip intended for the consumer market. Although still to be considered early silicon and at least 6 months away from commercialization, S3 is targeting the DeltaChrome to the mainstream crowd, only time will tell. In this 'new era of stable drivers', will S3 be able to do better than in the Savage days?

On a related note, XGI (ex SiS Graphics) who recently announced their Volari line of graphics chips, seems to be aiming a bit higher with hopes to reach the performance and enthusiasts market. The Inquirer has posted some (supposed) performance figures that don't look bad at all when compared to current performance leaders... the problem remains on how soon they can come to the market with a finalized product, remember both ATI and NVIDIA (especially NV) are thinking of their next product releases already.

Speaking of which, a two-GPU powered card? Makes me wonder what kind of flexiblity will they sacrifice in terms of pricing.