Forward-looking: An amusing side effect of modern technology is that it has fostered a society in which we are less engaged with other humans. Will future advancements rectify this shortcoming or pull us further away from personal connections?

It’s fun to sit around and daydream about what the future may hold but it’s arguably even more entertaining to look back on past predictions to see how accurate they were. Painting an authentic picture of things to come is no easy task although occasionally, some are spot-on with their prophecies.

In 1993, AT&T launched an ad campaign called “You Will.” The commercials provided a glimpse into our tech-infused future with the promise that AT&T would be the company to make them a reality. Concepts depicted in the campaign like eBooks, GPS, on-demand programming, smartwatches and video calling have all panned out more or less how AT&T predicted although notably, the company wasn’t directly responsible for most of them.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of AT&T’s popular series, the company brought together a team of futurists to once again do the impossible and predict the future. Will they get it right a second time?

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