Why it matters: One of Sierra On-Line's earliest employees is selling off his collection of archival source code. While the sales don't include rights to the IP, it's an excellent opportunity to own some rare pieces of gaming history.

Al Lowe, the video game designer and programmer best known for creating the Leisure Suit Larry series, is auctioning off his collection of source code for several of his games.

As of writing, Lowe - who was employee number 20 at Sierra - has only posted a handful of auctions to eBay but already, they've attracted some serious attention. Leading the pack is the source code to Leisure Suit Larry 2 with a current high bid of $1,850. The source code for the first Larry game is up to $1,525 as of writing.

Lowe is featured in a video from YouTuber Metal Jesus Rocks in which he details much of his collection. As you'll see, this stuff is incredibly rare. Some pieces are one-off examples.

Lowe said he backed everything up because he knew Sierra didn't.

It's worth noting, however, that even though you have the opportunity to own some incredibly rare stuff, purchasing the source code doesn't grant you the intellectual property rights to any games, code, art, etc. Lowe points out in the auctions (for the Larry games) that the IP rights have been sold time and again and are currently owned by a German game company.