Managing a team is far from easy — and ensuring every member is productive? Next to impossible. Using a project management tool is the best route to getting buy-in across the board and increasing overall productivity, but it’s becoming a saturated market.

When it comes to choosing a solid tool, is a great choice, having earned major acclaim for its intuitive system. With just one easy-to-use interface, it manages to centralize every workplace process, while engaging and empowering every member of the team — and you can try it free for two weeks right now.

Over 33,000 teams ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies use, here are a few reasons why:

  • Centralized hub. consolidates all project milestones, tasks, communication and files for each project, making it easy to manage every stage without having to waste time switching from one app to another. You can add team members, assign tasks, upload documents and videos and track progress all from within the platform.
  • In-app communication. One of the best things about You can send messages, notifications, status updates and other communications to team members — this is particularly helpful for remote team members — inside of tasks, eliminating endless back-and-forth email chains and… wait for it... unnecessary meetings!

  • Transparency. With, all information pertaining to a project — for example, data, plans, challenges, performance — is visible, clear and readily accessible to both employees and managers. When team members have all the information they need at their fingertips, they can spend less time guessing what needs to be done and more time working smarter and faster while making less mistakes.
  • A culture of accountability. With, it’s easier than ever to see who’s responsible for what, helping you to hold each other accountable for performance. Now, missing a deadline has even higher stakes than before — everyone can see it! On the flipside, helps to highlight and reward individual contributions, which can be extremely motivating, particularly for those employees with a competitive streak.

Collaboration shouldn’t be that hard. may be just what your team needs to get on track. Try it now for free.

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