In brief: Tech-infused / retro-themed sneakers are hot commodities right now and Puma's RS-Computer certainly falls into that category. Unfortunately, with only 86 pairs being created, they'll be next to impossible to find / afford for all but the most dedicated sneaker collectors.

Fitness trackers may seem like a modern amenity but in actuality, their roots can be traced back decades. One prime example is the Puma RS-Computer, a running shoe produced in limited quantity by the athletics good maker way back in 1986.

The RS, short for Running System, housed a not-so-small computer system at the rear that kept track of distance traveled, calories burned and so on. Data could be uploaded to an Apple II or Commodore 64 via a 16-pin cable.

It was clearly a forward-thinking idea but one that was simply ahead of its time.

Fast-forward more than 30 years and Puma is now set to re-release the iconic sneaker. The modern version will feature updated internals yet still retain the styling of the original. They now pack a three-axis accelerometer, enough memory to store a full month’s worth of exercise data, wireless Bluetooth connectivity and a USB port for charging.

Puma is only releasing 86 pairs globally so it’ll be next to impossible to get your hands on them. Still, if you want to try, they’ll be arriving at select retailers in Berlin, Tokyo and London come December 13. No word yet on how much they’ll cost but don’t expect them to be cheap.