Magazines may be slowly dying off as online alternatives gain traction, but that isn't going to stop Apple from revamping its magazine subscription app, Texture.

The app was purchased by Apple earlier this year, and it's essentially the Netflix of magazines. It gives users access to over 200 magazines for a mere $10/month. However, if recent reports are any indication, Apple could be planning to relaunch a completely overhauled version of the app this spring.

The app could feature a different monetization model (with the cost most likely being rolled into an Apple News subscription), content from popular newspapers like the New York Times, and a new look that is far more mobile-friendly.

According to Bloomberg, the biggest roadblock Apple is facing is stubbornness on the part of publishers.

Apparently, some media company owners Apple is attempting to work with are worried that the re-launched Texture could swipe some of their own customers; an undesirable outcome for an industry that is already struggling in the face of growing online competition.

Regardless, if Apple can successfully convince publishers that their business models are safe, a re-launched Texture could have serious potential. Few people want to subscribe to dozens of different newspapers and magazines, so giving customers access to them in an improved all-in-one format could be a major boon for publishers and Apple alike.