Facepalm: We've already seen the year's biggest password fails; now, the 100 worst passwords of 2018 have been revealed. For the fifth year in a row, "123456" remains in the number one spot and "password" is at number two, which will no doubt be welcome news to hackers.

Earlier this week, password management company Dashlane put together a list of the "worst password offenders" from this year, in which Kanye West came top for exposing his "000000" iPhone passcode during a meeting with Donald Trump. Now, software company SplashData has released its annual "worst password" list.

SplashData came up with these atrocities by analyzing over 5 million leaked passwords, most of which originate from North American and Western European users. It says around 10 percent of people have used at least one of the top 25 passwords shown here, while about 3 percent are guilty of using "123456."

The top two worst passwords remain the same, but there are some new entries. The satanic-themed "666666" comes in at number 14, the charming if ill-advised "princess" is at 11, and "donald" ranks at number 23.

"Sorry, Mr. President, but this is not fake news – using your name or any common name as a password is a dangerous decision," said SplashData CEO Morgan Slain. "Hackers have great success using celebrity names, terms from pop culture and sports, and simple keyboard patterns to break into accounts online, because they know so many people are using those easy-to-remember combinations."

With so much publicity over massive data hacks, and given the large number of password managers available, Slain says it's "a real head-scratcher" as to why people continue to use these terrible passwords.

Here are the top 25 worst passwords from Splashdata's list:

1) 123456
2) password
3) 123456789
4) 12345678
5) 12345
6) 111111
7) 1234567
8) sunshine
9) qwerty
10) iloveyou
11) princess
12) admin
13) welcome
14) 666666
15) abc123
16) football
17) 123123
18) monkey
19) 654321
20) !@#$%^&*
21) charlie
22) aa123456
23) donald
24) password1
25) qwerty123