Picking your cell phone OS of choice is a bit like picking your favorite game console. Much like Xbox and PlayStation fans, Android and iOS fans are often far too entrenched in their respective mobile OS to ever consider switching.

It would take a particularly appealing product (or set of products) to change that norm, and it seems Apple may have finally created just such a device with the iPhone XR. While the XR's overall sales may have proven disappointing to Apple so far, a recent report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners revealing specific sales data is more optimistic.

In the month following the iPhone XR's launch, 16 percent of the device's buyers reportedly upgraded from Android phones - that number was sitting at a mere 11 percent in November 2017, when the iPhone X released. Furthermore, when taking all of Apple's new iPhone sales into account, CIRP found that the XR accounted for 32 percent of shipments during the first 30 days of its launch.

In short, not only is the iPhone XR one of Apple's best-selling iPhones, but it's also one of the most appealing iOS-based phones for Android users. There could be any number of reasons for that, but we wouldn't be surprised if the iPhone XR's lower price tag of $749 is the main culprit.