In context: The end result isn't exactly mind-bending - they're still low-res shots, after all - but that's part of the Game Boy Camera's charm. Gray doesn't appear to be the first to try this technique, either, but it's neat nevertheless, especially if you still have the hardware floating around.

For some, Nintendo's Game Boy Camera was their first introduction to digital photography. Released in 1998, the accessory worked in conjunction with Nintendo's handheld console to produce 128 x 112 pixel black and white images.

That's not exactly high quality, even by 1998 standards. Still, it was somewhat groundbreaking, earning a spot in the 1999 edition of Guinness World Records for being the world's smallest camera. Over the years, the accessory developed a bit of a cult following which led to multiple innovations like the one recently highlighted by Matt Gray.

As showcased in this YouTube video, Gray managed to use an old photography technique to help create color images from his Game Boy Camera. It works by snapping three images of the same subject - one each through a red, blue and green filter - then combining them into one using Photoshop.

The toughest task isn't capturing the images or combining them but rather, getting them off the Game Boy and onto a computer. Full details on how to do so can be found over on Gray's blog.

Lead image courtesy Matthew Paul Argall via Flickr